ludovic jalat


Light up your life

 "LuminesSence" when the universe of the earth meets the stars. A diffuse and lunar light, a soothing, poetic atmosphere in "  au clair de lune” disseminates its nocturnal light to illuminate your home. From the sun to the moon, from darkness to light, discover the magic of auclairdelune through its collections of lamps to ask, wall lamps and light suspensions.



“ Natural gravitation”: from heaven to earth, from wood to stone, from glass to steel, Au clair de lune plays on the stars and the contrast to warm up your universe. Discover the natural furniture design now. For use indoor-outdoor, according to your desires, the pures forms of our collections will accompagny you as  well to the city and country.


Decorate your wishes

Offer you a moonlight to create in your inside a real haven of peace which will be able to transport you in a soft astral stroll. For that purpose, discover right now our collections of sculptures, paintings, walls of water, mirrors, candlesticks which will allow you to create a smart-natural atmosphere in your living space